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      Characters :
      Colorless liquid. Freezing point: 65°C; boiling point: 80.7°C; relative density: 0.788; refractive index: 1.4266. insoluble in water.
      Technical index :


      Appearance colorless transparent liquid
      Color HARSON value <35
      Crystal point 5.8°C >5.8
      Density(20°C) g/cm3 >0.779
      Refractive index ND 20 1.426-1.428
      Purity % >99.96
      Boiling range °C 80-81
      Mositure %(wt) <0.1
      100°C residual  g/100ml 0.01

      Use: this product can be used as rubber, dope and paint solvent, and still used as organic synthesis.
      Storage and transportation requirements: galvanization metal drum. Keep away from heat and fire.
      Storage period can not exceed half a year.

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