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        Adipic acid  

      Characters : monoclinic crystal in room temperature. Melting point152°C. Boiling point337.5°C. Relative density: 1.366.. Soluble in alcohol, ester, acetone and other organic solvents.
      Quality index :


       Index name Excellent grade
        Appearance white powder
        Content,%(m/m)≥ 99.7 (Liaohua) 99.2(produce by myself)
        Melting point,°C ≥  151.1
        Ammonia melt chroma≤ 5
        Mositure,%(m/m)≤ 0.4
        Ash,mg/kg≤ 7
        Iron content,mg/kg≤ 4
        Nitric acid content,mg/kg≤ 50
        Oxide£šAdipic acid£©mg/kg≤ 60
       Liquid melt chroma≤ 50

      Use: used to produce plasticizer, synthesis lubricating agent, food additive and others
      Packing, storage and transportation: weaving bag lined with plastic bag, and store in cool, dry and ventilated storeroom. Please keep away from fire, heat and others.

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